About Jackie

Able to leap tall tales and faster than a speeding viral market, Jackie Lightfield has used her super hero skills in the fight against mediocrity. She currently designs and produces interactive location based travel apps at Pocket Tour Guide, a startup that produces authoritative guides to cultural attractions in the world’s most fascinating cities.

Lightfield has been at the forefront of design and development of human interactions with computers since the early 80′s. Yes that means, before hard drives, and the Internet, and 8 bit color graphics.

Her career, if you must label it, consists of serial entrepreneur adventures in startups, acquisitions and shut downs. Lightfield’s body of work includes a wide variety of commercial software that most people have relegated to isle of misfit toys, and other productivity tools that were quickly assimilated into operating systems. Occasionally she has accepted consultant posts at the “C” level of technology companies and currently is satisfied with Chief Problem Solver.

She speaks geek, marketing and English & French fluently, and often finds herself translating impossible production deadlines into improbable marketing hype. She experiments in digital media and the future of mobile information and lives in Connecticut.