a series of serious updates

Running a blog circa 2006-2010 was an exhausting but rewarding endeavor. I miss the daily grind of posting about all things irksome and awesome, although it’s taken me several years to get to that feeling. Of course, the media landscape has changed, and aggregators like Medium, social media like Twitter and Facebook and the image-laden snapchat and Instagram have morphed with the times. Soundbites have more audience than the occasional longish read about stuff.

So I’ve got a couple of startups percolating, ChipEnz and Armchair Expeditions. I’ve got two day gigs, Norwalk 2.o and the Stamford Partneship, with a series of projects and events associated with both, such at DiscoverStamford and DiscoverNorwalk, and the thing that drove me to ruminate on stuff today, the INSIDE/OUT arts thing.


Which is to say, I’ve got alot going on. Not to mention my personal art projects and literary endeavors.

I think, it wasn’t that long ago, that I used to advise artists and creatives that the 21st century was all about the personal brand, and that if you didn’t tell people about what you were doing, then there was no point in doing it. I should have heeded my own advice a little more diligently. But hopefully I will be catching up with the documentary trail of what is going on.