I think about revitalizing downtowns. I love what I do. Check out stuff I’ve done or articles I’ve written, or been written about me.

Stuff About Me:

If you build it, they will come, a Wall Street Train Station idea gets some press, The Hour 2016.

Steal these Civic Tech Ideas, a field trip to Philly and I get some brilliant ideas and connections, 2015.

Introducing Jackie Lightfield, a profile that ran in the Stamford Advocate 2014

Tina Rosenberg (NYTimes) writes about How To Build A Better Neighborhood 2014.

Art exhibit in Bridgeport, Norwalk Daily Voice 2015.

Why is Norwalk a 19th century town? It will never change. Here’s a time capsule of trying to get a mall developer (GGP) to fund & build a library as part of their contribution to building a better Norwalk. link 2015.

For a short time I chaired the Norwalk Zoning Commission and the Norwalk Arts Commision simultaneously. Um, yeah. I was able to pass innovative zoning code, because code. And do some cool stuff with public art. That spawned the founding of Norwalk 2.0 in 2010. But along the way, there was pARTy in the park, and then the first INside/Out. (CT Post) and the SoNo Arts Festival pop up in 2011.

What does it mean to adovcate for a modern city to some residents? A fan, circa 2010. And in a dash of irony, still thinking about new ways to improve the pedestrian experience, 5 years later in Stamford. But zoning issues do bring out the worst in people. Critics opposed a residential development that ended up preserving 7 acres of open space in a conservation easement. And critics opposed a hotel. Near a train station. Yep.

StartUp Fever Rocks New Haven, the wayback machine says it is the first year of the the 21st century (2000)


As a freelance writer, columns stories and articles have been published in a variety of publications. I started my writing career with software manuals, how-tos, and reviews at the dawn of personal computing for MECA Software as part of my adventures in technical support. Call scripts? check. Newsletters? Check. I wrote about all things Linux, in the early 2000s, at Linux Today. Freelanced at Patch and Daily Voice after writing about local Connecticut stuff on YourCT.com and CT Local Politics.

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It’s the Freese Park Artist Village, and here are the NCC students who built a project 2014.


New Haven City Wide Open Studio 2015, installation.

Building a Creative Economy, 2013, at NEFA.