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Hi, I’m Jackie.

I write stuff
After a joyful career in tech, I now focus on writing about technology and how it shapes the places we live in and the future it ushers in.


I write mysterious adventures that make you want to turn the page. Without the beep of course. Let me know if you want to get a few chapters ahead of publication.


I write code. In the olden days, we used to call this software. In the here and now we call it algorithms.

Connecticut Smart Cities


I solve problems that befuddle organizations on the operational side of businesses. This often takes the form of reports, white papers, and planning documents.

Any one of these things that I write has resulted in amazing things happening.

Cheaper By The Dozen

Time is money. You can of course look for the perfect expert for whatever project or problem you have, but most of the time what you need is someone who can communicate clearly. That requires many skills, and fortunately, I have them bundled into one human being.

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Your Clock is Ticking

Timely solutions mean you are not waiting around for something you need right away. I only do one thing at a time.

100% Happiness

You will be happy with the service or I will refund your money.

Free Samples

Like the cart at the end of the grocery aisle, every once in a while you can get a taste of something new.


Examples Worth Looking At

Everyone promises the moon but what you really want to see is stuff I’ve done. Here’s a few stories about the projects and the solutions.

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